We operate in various sectors

the main ones are:


Fixed, mobile, built in, industrial projectors in general and other types

Small and medium appliances

Blenders, toasters, coffee machines, refrigerators, hair dryers, irons, whirlpools

Medical and aesthetic device

Bed-head beams, surgery cabinets, surgical lights, surgical vacuum cleaners, laser equipment, electrostimulators, tanning lamps, laser hair removal and pulsed light

Audits and inspections

Checks carried out at the manufacturer (Audit supplier qualification, Inspections during the various stages of production)


Remote-controlled cars, talking dolls, soft toys, assembly boxes

Electronic devices

Measuring instruments, command devices

Import assistance

Identification of directives and standards applicable to products, preparation and analysis of documentation (test reports, warnings, markings, technical files)

Products in contact with food

Materials and objects intended for food contact(MOCA)

Withdrawals from the market and penalties

Interfacing with the Authorities providing all the information / documents necessary to demonstrate conformity, defensive technical memorandums also acting as a technical expert of the part, legal support.


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